Tribute Page: Button not working


I’ve completed my tribute page but I can’t figure out why my button is not opening the page… I checked the code again and again and I believe I’m doing it the way it was shown… If someone can please help it would be really appreciated :blush:

I’ve completed my portfolio page (almost…hehe) as well but I’m having the same problem…

Thanks in advance for your precious replies :smile:

Here is my page:

Just switch the button and anchor tags. button element goes inside anchor element

amazing thanks! wow… never too careful with the small details :smile:

Actually, you shouldn’t use button inside an a tag or vice versa. If you want your link to look like a button, use CSS or in this case when you’re using Bootstrap, just add class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" to your anchor tag and get rid of the button.

You should use buttons for forms and a tags for links.

oh cool ok… that clarify things a bit, will try that :blush: thanks for the tip :slight_smile: