My First Tribute Page + A Few Questions (Feedback welcome!)

Hey fellow campers! This is my first tribute page:

If some of you wouldn’t mind, I have a few questions regarding how I can make it better.

  1. Why aren’t the buttons at the bottom of the page large? I’ve given them the class “btn-lg”, but it just seems to do nothing. Also, concerning buttons, why doesn’t the target="_blank" work and why is it that my first link only leads to Youtube and not the entire desired link?

  2. How can I make it so the text within my boxed class are all uniformly close to their starting periods?

hey I can’t see your pen in full view. It says: The owner of this Pen needs to verify their email address to enable Full Page View. So go in your inbox and verify.

Hey there! It’s looking good so far, I think you’ve mixed up your HTML and your CSS a little bit. Instead of giving your h2 (for example) a class named with a color, remove that and in your CSS just use

h2 {
color: yellow;

Also your 'target="_blank" Does work as it opens a new tab :slight_smile: the YouTube link I’m not sure about, but I think it ought to be an anchor tag < a href=“blablabla” > inside a button rather than a form. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

edit: oh, and try text-align: centre; in your CSS :wink:

Email verified!

@Cytronix777 Thanks for the tips! I’m quite suprised the target="-_blank" works on your computer, on mine a new tab does not open.

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You dont need <form> element here. You can just write <button type="button">buuton-name</button> .
Also I dont think you need buttons here, as they are links. You need to put them in <a> element.

More about links:

class=btn-lg will apply only if you add bootstrap link to your pen. To do that open your given pen, go to setting > CSS > quick add. Select Bootstrap from drop down menu.

Nice work @tmag298
I will suggest narrowing the content container a bit, this will making reading much easier.
Also, maybe try putting your buttons inline with some margins around it. Once on mobile they can stack.

Well done on your first web page :grin:

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