Cannot Convert My Timer into mm:ss (Pomodoro Clock)

How do i convert time-left into mm:ss even though i think it is correct but it still does not pass the test

From the test error, it says expected '59' to equal '60'. From that, I was able to find out what’s going wrong. Set your “Session” time all the way to 60 minutes and take a look at what your what your #time-left field is saying; I think you’ll notice something doesn’t quite match. Once you fix this minor bug, you’ll pass all the tests! :grin:

(P.S. - While you’re at it, double check that your “Break” time doesn’t have the same issue)
Edit: Cause I was curious, I went ahead and tested this for you - you only have to worry about the “Session” time.

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Thank You, really appreciate the help :smiley:

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Glad I could help you out!