Cannot link image in css file

I tried to link the image in different ways but the image does not show up. can anyone pls help.

Hey @Madhava , Your code seems fine.
I think may be the src path is causing the problem. Just make sure that path is correct. Before a couple of days back, I faced the same problem and what i learnt is :
We need something in our body to get this gradient to work. Like


then no change will occur. Just for testing purpose we can do this.

<h1>Hello World !</h1>

Now that gradient will work. I learnt after facing that.
You can see mine,

This works fine, as long as I have something to be displayed with, like h1 tag I used.

Hope this helps,
Let me know if you solved !

Hey thank u for the reply… i just found the answer . I did not know that my css and html files r in different folders :grimacing:

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It’s okay @Madhava :rofl:
That happens sometime. Though you gave me good exercise.
Cheers !

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