Cannot Start and Maintain Consistency While Learning to code

I am a 16-year-old kid, passionate about coding, and may go into the fields of robotics and AI in the future, as I am interested in them. I have been learning this for several years now, I am very interested in computers from a young age. But for now, the problem with me is, even though I really want to learn coding, to be specific, python programming, and web development, and after this, C language. But I cannot maintain consistency and focus. Also, I don’t have any good guidance, I need it very much, I am serious about all this. Any help is appreciated, I can tell more if you ask.
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Courses like FreeCodeCamp, or other bootcamps are a great place to keep yourself focused. This is a good time to be learning programming as when I was growing up, the term coding camp didn’t exist, which left me going in a ton of different directions.

I would say pick a course that interests you, and then do what you can to stay focused on making it to the end. Branching off to look deeper into something that peaked your interest is fine and encouraged, but make sure you come back to the curriculum and continue on the path to stay focused.

I don’t want to share much but I’ll give you an idea how I’m consistent with my self-study:

I’m in a season in my life right now where my future is very blurry. I’m sent to a low quality school but I have a goal in life that I want to be able to buy whatever I want when I grow up.

There’s just one practical idea that I always get from my situation: if I don’t self study whilst being in a low quality school, I would end up self-studying anyway in the future as I’m assuming the skills I will learn will not be good enough for the employers. As a benefit, I’m self-studying early so I won’t need to struggle a lot, later.

To be honest, I don’t even find that hard self-studying these stuff. I’m deeply inlove with programming and the art of it.

So, ask yourself, why do you want to study programming? Is there something that would change if you do/don't study it?

Would you like to buddy up and stay motivated together?
I am 30 and have lost touch with studying! I keep zoning out in my long lectures. I am on the data scientist track. Can we connect and chat?

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