Can't believe the screen reader example is real

This challenge provides example audio from a screen reader which, to me (having never used/heard a screen reader), sounds totally implausible! A note is included in the challenge that reads “the audio clip may sound fast and be difficult to understand, but that is a normal speed for screen reader users”, but I’ve searched elsewhere for screen reader example audio and it all sounded much more comprehensible. Can someone point me to another example of a screen reader going that fast? I’d love to be proven wrong!


Check out this article: This blind software developer’s display is 450 word-a-minute speech synthesizer

And the original blog post with more detailed information: Software development 450 words per minute


Amazing - thank you!

Thanks @idmyn for your question. I had to search it because I was asking myself the same thing.

Thanks @sheriallis for the article. It is astonishing how a human being could hear an audio that fast and find it normal. I could not understand a single word.


@idmyn I was awestruck hearing the audio go vroom vroom and I still feel that if the screenreader is so fast its not possible on earth to comprehend whats being explained…