Can't define width of div :(

I made a simple project here

I have defined the width of the class ‘hor-tab-logo’ to 199px and height 100px.
But when I am inspecting this element the width is different in both divs .
I don’t know where I am going wrong ?
Please help me…

That was odd. In order to have it respect the width of .hot-tab-logo, I also had to put a width on .description elements, which is the other element in your flex.

Once I did that, it respected both widths.

If you want the logo div width to be a fixed 199px, then I’d suggest making the description div flex. For me, this worked fine:

.description {
  width: 99vw;

Take a look here: - specifically, look at ‘relative units’.

may I know why this is happening ? Why it is not working directly by putting width tag?