Can't get Bootstrap grid system to work

Hi Campers!

Just started FCC and really enjoying it so far! My first post, so hello Campers!!

I can’t seem to get the Bootstrap grid system to work. I’m just trying to change the size of a div from being 12 columns in medium size screens and 6 in small, but can’t seem to work it out! I’ll include my codepen, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there! It doesn’t look like you have Bootstrap enabled for this page which is what’s causing the issue. Go into the Settings, switch to the CSS “tab”, and quick add Bootstrap. That should resolve your issue and get it to display correctly.

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thank you so much!!! blime, had spent hours looking through different stuff to try and work out what was going wrong! thank you!

Hi there, I just took a look, too, and wanted to point out that Bootstrap also requires jQuery. You can add it under the javaScript settings. It isn’t messing you up now, but it will as you try to incorporate some of Bootstrap’s other features.

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wow! this is a great community! thanks painting! I’ve added that now (went to Settings, JavaScript, and added JQuery in the quick add) but am having problems trying to apply an offset. I’ve been looking for around for a while and can’t see what I’m doing wrong?? If anyone would could help I would think you’re great forever!!

sorted! Incase anyone was wondering or has the same problems I found the answer for me here

Glad you were able to solve it! And I think it’s awesome that your tribute page is about Mario.

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