Tribute page frustration --found snag

I was in the process of creating my tribute page and ran into an issue that was affecting pretty much everything that I was trying to do. This included:

Trouble with getting grid to offset properly. (No matter how I set up: .col--*, every child element left-aligned on page)

  • .well not showing up

I went as far as creating another pen and copy-pasting the code from the sample “Tribute Page” to see if the issue was just my code. What I found was that even with the exact copy pasted into a new pen, the issues appeared again. The copy-pasted Tribute Page began exhibiting the same issues that I had.

I searched and searched and searched…and found:

In CodePen, when Adding External CSS , it seems that bootstrap/4.0.0-alpha is the version added with the Quick-add selection. I went back and copy-pasted version 3.3.5 as referenced in info video.

This change made my code work as intended.

I’m not sure if this has been posted already, but just wanted to give a heads up, if anyone is running into the same issue as me.


Yeah I noticed the same problem over and over in the chat.
You can also use the new classes, but I am not sure if the alpha version is fine enough or still have bugs.

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