Can't link an image

Hi, I’m having trouble to link an image in my HTML. May I know what’s wrong with this code?
I copy paste the image link and put it in the code. It’s hard to explain as I cannot paste the code here.

please show the code, or it’s not possible to help

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Hi Ieahleen,

Here’s the code <img src="" alt="A portrait of Manny Pacquiao." style="width: 600px; height: 400px;">

Thank you for your reply. This is my first project. I’m trying to build a tribute page.

that doesn’t seem an image link, but the link to a page

to get the link to the image you can right click on it and select copy image link, you would get something like

Wow. Thank you so much for the link @ieahleen. How did you find the link?

I was really lost where to find the link that works for the image that I need. Also, is it the same process to get an image from my computer?

I opened the page you linked, and used right click -> copy image link on the first picture of the page (it is slightly different depending on browser, but it says something similar)

you can’t link directly from your computer, you need to host the image somewhere, codepen doesn’t let you load files in a pen so you need to use some image hosting service. If you were building a website from scratch, you would load the picture with the other files.

@ieahleen. Thank you so much for your help. I was able to finish my first project. Would you mind giving me a feedback?
I have trouble to justify the paragraph though it passed the test but i wasn’t satisfied due to justify issues.

you can open a topic in the #project-feedback subforum, so you can have more people seeing your request of feedback

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