Can't log in into FreeCodeCamp

HI there would need some help. I am not able to log in it gives me this message: Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again in a moment.

freeCodeCamp’s servers might have been farting or something. I was just able to log in using OAuth.

Nah. Same thing here. Can anyone from support help?

Are you using a VPN? Some VPNs have sometimes done this.

Not at all. Tried a VPN solution as read in internet some people had some issues. Do you mind checking if I have my acc duplicated? Perhaps is that? I haven’t logged in for a while.

I don’t have access to the freeCodeCamp user database. A duplicate account wouldn’t cause a server error. Can you try clearing your cache, refreshing, and trying again? I wonder if you have funky data in your browser storage.

Tried. But would be odd as I have tried on Incognito, Other Browsers etc. :frowning: am I banned or something? lol

What method are you using to sign in? If you’re using an OAuth method, then try logging in with email.

Just used it, in an incognito mode, with a different browser. The code is sent, I paste it, and then same message. Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again in a moment.

It’s definitely a problem with my account. Used a different email and it went through. Will contact support by email. Thanks Ariel!

Sorry I didn’t have a more satisfying answer for you. Good luck and happy coding!

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