Can't log in with Github

I’ve used FCC on another computer and I’m currently on the Basic Algorithm Scripting section. However, when I try to log in to FCC on my personal/primary computer (I signed up via Github), it takes me to the “Map” page and says “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later”. It’s done this every time I try for the last month. Is there a fix for this?

If you haven’t already, can you please submit a GitHub Issue for this?

I can’t sign in to freeCodeCamp using my GitHub account too.

Please help me. I don’t want to loose my progress.

Most users cannot use GitHub to login to FCC. It has been a long time since campers could sign up with GitHub.

But I used GitHub to sign in to freeCodeCamp just a few days ago. So what happened?

You can use GitHub to sign into the FCC Forums, but unless you used GitHub to create your FCC account (which has been disabled for at least a year) you cannot sign into FCC with your GitHub account.