Can't setup mongoDB locally

Hey guys and gals,

I have spent the past 5 hours, installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling mongo onto my Linux machine.

I have followed these steps without errors until it comes time to run “mongod” and I get the following:

mongod: /usr/lib/ version not found (required by mongod) mongod: /usr/lib/ version not found (required by mongod)
Contrary to that output, both of those files are in the folder…

I don’t know why I’m getting that error and, again, it has persisted through multiple installations.

My only guess is I’ve done something funky with $PATH, because I don’t really know what they want me to do with it. Following the manual linked above, I added export PATH=</home/spazcool/11-CODE-11/npmPlayground/mongodb>/bin:$PATH
to the last line of /home/spazcool/.bashrc . Perhaps, I fudged this somehow, by writing the wrong path.

I’m just really tired of beating my head against this, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Did you install it globally?
You did not mention your Linux distro.

I don’t know if it helps you, but what I like to do is in the directory where my project is I will create a directory that I call database…and I will specify mongod --dbpath=database from the command in that dir…and don’t even bother doing a global

It is global and I’m using ubuntu 16.04

Have you tried installing the libraries it is complaining about?

This might help:

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev