Can't start Information Security section, glitch files get deleted

Hello everyone. I’ trying to access the glitch project for the first exercises on this section but once glitch loads it shows the files for a few seconds and then all of them get deleted leaving just the empty file. DId anyone experience something like this? Is the whole section broken?


Did you log into Glitch using a GitHub profile? I believe that Glitch has a bug when GitHub is not connected.

Yes I did. Logging from GitHub might be the issue?

I’m not sure. The only bug that I know of related to Glitch has been happening to people who don’t have their GitHub connected.

I see. Wouldn’t be the case since I completed last section while connected with my GitHub. If I cloned the repo from github and copypasted everything to a new glitch project it should work, right tho?

I’m a bit out of my depth in terms of advice. I haven’t run into this problem or noticed discussion about it here on the forums.