Can't Submit Technical Documentation or Portfolio Projects

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When I go to submit the Technical Documentation and the Personal Portfolio projects both of them have a pop up that shows up when I input the link saying “Remember to submit your own work”. I did all the code myself and so I’m not really sure what the issue is. It’s the only 2 things I have left to complete the Responsive Web Design Certification so it’s kind of frustrating. Any help would be super appreciated

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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HI @SportsMasochist !

Welcome to the forum!

The reason why you are having issues is because you did not fork the project properly.

If you look at the url, it has freecodecamp’s name in it

The url needs to have your username in it.

The fork option is located at the bottom right hand corner of codepen.

Click that option.
Check to make sure the url has your username in it.
Save the project.
Then submit.

Hope that helps!

This worked. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it!

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