Cant test my tribute page

Hi so i made my tribute page but i cant seem to find where i can test my tribute page and see if its all good.

You can build your project by using this CodePen template and clicking Save to create your own pen. Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like: .

Where have you built your tribute page?

i built my tribute page on CodePen.

did you use the provided template?

yes but when i tab out of it the 3 green lines to test my tribute page dissapear

what do you mean “when I tab out of it”?

Im sorry that wasnt that right when i just go to another tab and go back to tab where my codepen is the 3 lines are gone.

try reloading the page, if you have not deleted the script it’s still there

oooh i am so dumb. i deleted the script. im sorry

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