Career after learning many things using this amazing learning platform

Hello everyone! I’ve have thinking to myself after learning and completing all projects required on Freecodecamp, I hope to work from home in the tech field. Can I really achieve such a thing? I have a great willing to learn. So I think I can get a good opportunity, it’s not easy but not impossible. I just want to hear from you guys who are more experienced programmers.

Hi @Mikael3211 !

It is possible to land a remote job as a self taught junior developer but it is tough.

As a junior developer, you will need more attention and mentoring then the other mid and senior developers because you are newer to the industry. You are still learning about best practices and how to effectively work as a developer in a business environment.

A lot of companies feel more comfortable if you were in an office environment and they can guide you and monitor you in person instead of through slack and google chats.

To be successful in a remote environment, you have to be really strong in your communication skills. Your project manager shouldn’t have to chase you down for updates and ask you repeatedly where you are at on a given PR. You should already be volunteering that information.

Plus, the company wants to make sure you are productive during work hours and making progress. There is a lot of trust that goes into it and they want to make sure you are not billing hours for time spent goofing off or not working efficiently. In an office environment, it is easier to check up on you to make sure you are working versus remote environment.

At my company, we are 100% remote and so communication is key. Everyone is really active on the company slack and sharing updates on what they are working on throughout the day.

For me, I am always posting status updates on what I have worked on in the day with links the PR’s so they can see my work. I am also making sure to ask questions when I get stuck and pair programming with other developers. My manager likes the fact that I am very forthcoming with my communication because he never has to guess what I am doing or where my time is being spent.

During the interview process, you need to let people know that you are a strong independent worker, who is disciplined and communicative. If you have previous experience working remotely, maybe in another job non-tech related, then you can talk about that to help ease their concerns.

Hope that helps!


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