Cash Register Project - insufficent / closed clarification of understanding

Am I right in my understanding of the criteria for the cash register project:

if there is a higher amount in the register, but the correct change cannot be given
ie: there is a one dollar bill and nothing else, and change due is a quarter.
And this returns an empty change array.

There is less in the register in total than the change due
ie: there is a quarter in the register, but change due is one dollar
And this returns an array of whatever change is there.

Everything else is working fine in my script, so I just need to add a check for this if my understanding is correct, but dont want to plough ahead with the modifications if my understanding is wrong.

Insufficient: Not enough change or not the correct denominations

Closed: Only used if the cash in the drawer is the exact same amount as the change due

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Yes, I see it now. Many Thanks

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