Cat website project didn't save

I was just doing the first cat website project to test things out. I finished half of it, then backed out of the page by accident. and all my progress and code was gone.

is it not supposed to save any progress? What if i dont have time to complete a project in a session and have to go offline? how do i save my progress? I know i can copy and paste code somewhere but having to re do the steps sorta sucks

Welcome there,

I am not sure what you mean by “cat project”.

If you are referring to the practice project (the one with lessons), then, provided you are signed-in, whether or not you complete a step is saved - NOT the code.

If you are referring to the certification project, then, it is up to you to click the “Save your code” button to save your code.

Either way, you only need to complete the certification projects to claim the certificate.

Hope this clarifies.

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