Issue with saving progresses on my IPad pro

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie and I’ve started today with my first coding course. I started from the first certification about HTML: Responsive Web Design Certification. I spent about a hour on the first lesson and I have reached the step 30, then I closed the browser to have dinner. After dinner I went back on the website, I logged in and there wasn’t any progress saved. Isn’t the saving process automatic? Did I miss anything? Hope you can help me.

You can continue from step 30 even if the progress wasn’t saved

Yes but what about the certification? Will I be able to claim it despite the fact that every time I close the browser I lose every progress?

only the five final projects are needed for the certification

the missing progress is something we are trying to fix, but it’s not a breaking issue as to claim the cert you need only the five final project

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Grazie ilenia. Comunque ho cercato di accedere alla community chat italiana di free code camp dalla tua bio, ma non funziona.

oh, grazie! Sì, la chat non andava, quindi è stata chiusa in favore di Discord

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