Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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I am unable to submit my project link for Celestial Bodies Database.
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I keep getting the same error over and over You must complete the project first even though I am at 100% in the VM.
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arthurchen00/freeCodeCamp.org (github.com)

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Challenge: Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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Have you read the troubleshooting section in the pinned post (the post pinned to the top of the relational database courses webpage?)

Yes, I did. I followed all the instructions. I copied the code onto a TXT file and uploaded it on GitHub before pasting the link. I still get an error saying I need to complete the project even though I am at 100%.

one of the other suggestions in the troubleshooting was to try opening a new course (or an old one) to make the vm recycle.
Have you tried that?

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