Build a Celestial Bodies Database - Cannot submit project

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I have finished the Celestial Bodies Database project and passed all the tests. I have also saved a dump of my database and uploaded the universe.sql file to my GitHub repository. When I tried to submit my project with the GitHub permalink and click ‘I’ve completed this challenge’, it said I have to complete the project first.

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solution: freecodecampproject/universe.sql at 1a09853860eb2ec9de2bd340bff09e3d3e90cff7 · charixchc/freecodecampproject · GitHub

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Challenge: Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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Please assist

There’s some troubleshooting steps you can try here @charishccheung.

Let us know if you are still unable to complete the project after trying those.

I am also facing the same issue. The Trouble shooting steps you shared didn’t help.


I would like to know if you were able to solve this issue, because I am still facing it. The completion mark appeared for me and I clicked “Continue”. But when I paste my public repo for submission, it says “You must complete the project first”, though I already completed it.