Centering basic html left-aligned tables on mobile WITHOUT media queries

I have a very specific question/html puzzle targeted to Outlook, which strips out all media queries. I’ve been able to “mimic” responsive behavior with 3 left aligned tables that drop down upon each other on a smaller mobile display, but they are now all left aligned on a mobile display with lots of white space to the right of the 3 tables. It looks awful. I’ve tried using different padding strategies, different combinations of percentages/fixed table widths, sung em padding strategies (which seem to exaggerate the padding on the phone a bit and nudge it over a bit), cannot use float; this is one puzzle I cannot crack! With out device detection to change code, can anyone think of a straight html solution for left aligned tables, when they drop down on a mobile display, will come close to centered? My challenge, it’s driving me nuts! There has to be a solution or a workaround.

Maybe I’m way off base here but can you use CSS? Flexbox? Align the table based off flex rules?

Yes, I’ve tried those! Unfortunately sending through Outlook once again strips it out and does not support these fixes. It’s quite frustrating.

Hey, I’m not totally sure about what you want to do but when I want to force alignment, as a ultimate card, I usually try to use the top; bottom; left; right properties that are embraced with position: absolute;

I recommend this article from MDN to more details on how to use it.