EMAIL - Centering basic html left-aligned tables on mobile WITHOUT media queries

I have a very specific question/html puzzle targeted to Outlook, which strips out all media queries. I’ve been able to “mimic” responsive behavior with 3 left aligned tables that drop down upon each other on a smaller mobile display, but they are now all left aligned on a mobile display with lots of white space to the right of the 3 tables. It looks awful. I’ve tried using different padding strategies, different combinations of percentages/fixed table widths, sung em padding strategies (which seem to exaggerate the padding on the phone a bit and nudge it over a bit), cannot use float; this is one puzzle I cannot crack! With out device detection to change code, can anyone think of a straight html solution for left aligned tables, when they drop down on a mobile display, will come close to centered? My challenge, it’s driving me nuts! There has to be a solution or a workaround.