Certificatin by bot

recently I greeted with discobot and got a certificate, but it has my username rather than or my full name. should change username so other certificate come with a full name.
or there is a way to get your name on the certificate.

Hey @sanji,
The name or username that you have on forum.freecodecamp.org is different from freecodecamp.org
The name you have on freecodecamp.org will be printed on your certificate.
Hope that helps.

It’s just a set of tasks for new users to help you get acquainted with how the forum works, that’s what @discobot is for. The certificate is just a novelty thing the bot software generates based in your username

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

okay thanks for rply to post @aditya_p @DanCouper