Certifications Downloading


I am not able to see my certifications. How can I download certifications for the work I have done so far?

Thank you,

Is there anyone that can help?

Hello there,

What do you mean exactly? What do you see in your settings page? https://freecodecamp.org/settings

Hi. When I go to settings, scroll down and view certification it brings me to the get started page. I am not able to see the certification.

Do you see any errors? Do you have your certification settings to public?

It doesn’t show any errors. My certification settings were private. When I changed it to public and tried, the same thing happened, it kicks me to the “get started” page. I don’t get this.

Please email support@freecodecamp.org with information like:

  • freecodecamp.org username
  • Send the email using the same email address your account is associated with
  • The problem you are facing (a link here should suffice)

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