Request for support

i am trying to view my certification but once i open i am getting this error can anyone give support

fcc95a3619c-da09-4d7b-ac1f-6bd07820a402 has chosen to make their timeline private. They will need to make their timeline public in order for others to be able to view their certification.

please your support will mean a lot

the message says that you have chosen to make your account settings private so no one who is not logged in as you can see the certificate.
If you want to see the certificate you must be signed in.
If you want to make it public, you must login then change the settings.
(Menu → Settings → scroll down until you see privacy settings for your “My Profile” and set it to Public)

I have signed in and changed my profile to public but I myself also I am not able to view
my certificate, I am not aware of the issue. please help

the problem was on the timeline which was not public but i have fixed it. thank you for your support

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