Chai testing - data gets created but tests fail

I got this working… it was so simple. :roll_eyes:
res.body needed to be res.body.issues[0] in my case.
My issues were being created in an array in each project object.

test('Every field filled in', function(done) {
        .post('/api/issues/test') // there is a project called test
          issue_title: 'Title',
          issue_text: 'text',
          created_by: 'Functional Test - Every field filled in',
          assigned_to: 'Chai and Mocha',
          status_text: 'In QA'
        .end(function(err, res){
          console.log(res.body); // to confirm that an issue was created
          assert.equal(res.status, 200);
, 'issue_title');   // fails at this point
          assert.equal(res.body.issue_title, 'Title');

I have created a project called ‘test’.
When the test ‘Every field filled in’ runs, it creates an issue in the database under project ‘test’.
I can’t get any assert to succeed.
I have tried changing the ‘res’ because my issues are in an array inside the project object.

, 'issue_title');
          assert.equal(res.body.issues.issue_title, 'Title');