Challenge #14 of Documentation PAge

So, I got most of my page down but user story #14 is really pressing me. I’ve tried reading others’ code, looking at forum help here and ultimately on my own to no avail. I’d really appreciate it if someone can help me!!
Here’s my page:

I think that it’s because the space on the navbar top.
Try fixing it by using margin = 0, and padding = 0.

Ok! So i added both of those to my navbar style class and it looks alright on my desktop but it’s still not marking as correct? I’ve tried testing it on my phone and it still does not look correct :pensive:

You have the navbar and the main content superpositioned.
I’ve gave a width of 250px to the navbar and it works.

OH, I’m sorry I didn’t even realize that. Thank you so much, I appreciate it!!

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