Technical Documentation, Challenge 16

Hey folks, I’m happy with my technical documentation challenge, bar two items:

  1. challenge 16, with a fixed left-hand navbar, is not letting me pass, even though (I think) it is upto scratch;
  2. the prose on the left-hand column isn’t fitting the way I would like it, it is not centralised on the right-hand panel.

Any and all help is appreciated, thank-you in advance!

Try getting rid of that 50% width on the <nav>. I’m not sure you want it to be that big in the first place. Generally the side nav bar will take up a much smaller percentage of the width to leave more room for the content.

Hey bbsmooth, is there not a more efficient of achieving it? Is there a code that centralises the main space, minus the left-hand nav panel?

I have adjusted the width, and you’re right, it does look smarter.
My next issue is that the numbers on the “ol” & “li” do not appear centralised next to their respective prose, despite all of the CSS being in the “center”. What do you advise to rectify this?
Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I don’t think you want to have text-align: center on the sections. This is the reason the list numbers don’t line up correctly.

Also, you don’t have any closing </section> tags in your HTML which is causing your sections to be nested within each other and will only cause you pain in the long run. I would suggest you take advantage of codepen’s built in HTML formatter and analyzer to make sure your HTML is correct.

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