Challenge answers only register on phone?

Hi! I’m new to, so maybe I’m missing something silly. I keep trying to answer the challenges on my laptop, I click the “run the tests” button and it will list several things wrong with my code; but, whenever I pull up the same question on my phone and enter the same exact code it shows that the code was right all along and will move onto the next challenge. I thought it was a fluke on just one challenge, but I’ve continued to have the same issue on every single challenge.

I tried it on my phone, it functions the same way as in desktop
If something is wrong, it will be wrong.

Would you please provide an example ?

Make sure that you are using the most recent version of Chrome or Firefox.
Make sure you don’t have any extensions, settings, or programs that could intere with the way scripts run.
Make sure that your operating system isn’t set to do weird character encoding.

Which section are you on?

I was getting similar issues when going through the SASS section

I’m working on the HTML section. I triple checked the codes that I entered on my laptop and on my phone to make sure they matched, and the one on my laptop wouldn’t work while the one on my phone went through just fine and was correct.
I was working on these on the Microsoft Edge browser, I just switched to Google Chrome and everything is working fine now. :slight_smile:

Free Code Camp has been updated to use newer technologies. It makes the application much faster and it means that we can go much longer without having to do a huge migration like the recent one. However, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari are very bad about choosing not to adhere to standards and support new functionality in JS and CSS. Right now, that means that these browsers exhibit lots of unexpected behavior. If you become a web developer you will come to hate these browsers with every fiber of your being.