Challenge code unsaved but ticked as completed in the curriculum list

I’ve worked through several challenges, but when I revisit them, all of the code I entered is missing. It has reset. However, the curriculum indicates that I completed the challenge.
The curriculum:

The challenge after completion and submission:

I do block Google spy and stalkware. Google has no business putting trackers on my computer.

The solutions are saved in your browser cache, if you clear those datas then it is normal that they disappear

You can save those by downloading the solution

Thank you for your reply.

I didn’t realise data was sent to local storage only. I saw no mention of that at the start of the curriculum. Quite a lot seems to have changed since I last use FCC.

Now I know why there’s a download solution button.

Saving the datas was being too heavy, the Data was growing by 1GB per day… the projects are still saved - for example the JavaScript projects that are done in FCC editor will be available to look at in the settings - but the projects are not

Maybe there could be some kind of warning that completed code will not be saved on the website.
I wonder if there’s a way to send completed challenges to a GitHub repo so a reopened challenge can request the code from the same repo.