Challenge uses deprecated tags

In this challenge, isn’t <s> deprecated in favor of <del>?

No, both <s> and <del> are valid HTML5 elements.

Each has a different function though both render the same. Just copying from MDN docs (you can research more);

The HTML <s> element renders text with a strikethrough, or a line through it. Use the <s> element to represent things that are no longer relevant or no longer accurate. However, <s> is not appropriate when indicating document edits; for that, use the <del> and <ins> elements, as appropriate.

The HTML <del> element represents a range of text that has been deleted from a document. This can be used when rendering “track changes” or source code diff information, for example. The <ins> element can be used for the opposite purpose: to indicate text that has been added to the document.

Sorry! I think I confused <s> with <strike>.