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Am I supposed to look at this part of the challenge while I am solving it?

Screenshot here

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It really helps if you include your actual code and a link to the challenge you are talking about. I’m not sure what part of the picture you are talking about, but yes, we do show what tests are being run against your code on purpose.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your reply.

That picture is from JavaScript ‘Testing Objects for Properties’ challenge.

I am referring to the “initial” part of the challenge. Here is a screenshot and I have circled the part I am referring to

As I am solving these challenges, am I supposed to refer to these “initials” or are they only there as hints and should only be referred to when you are stuck?


You should not hard-code your function to only work for these tests, but you can copy-paste those exact test cases into the editor and use them to help explore and debug.

Thanks, what do you mean by “hard-code your function”?

Your function should work for any objects, not just the specific tests shown.

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