Change an Element's Relative Position

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I’m sure that this is so simple (sadly!) but having progressed this far without a hitch, I’m suddenly stuck with giving the element a position of relative. Any help would be fantastic and appreciated. Cheers

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    positon: relative;
    top: 15px;
  <h1>On Being Well-Positioned</h1>
  <h2 class="position" style=relative;>Move me!</h2>
  <p>I still think the h2 is where it normally sits.</p>

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Your css appears correct.

You do not need to add any class or style attribute to the <h2> element. The h2 selector in the css will find all h2 elements and apply that styling to them.

Many thanks. I have already done that and it still tells me “wrong”? It keeps saying “The h2 element should have a position property set to relative.”

You misspelled position. I did not notice that the first time

Are you kidding me!! I’m so sorry. Thanks so much for pointing out the obvious…which I’d overlooked!

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