Relative Position

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I tried following what the instructions said and looked at some of the other forum posts on this challenge but it’s still saying my code doesn’t include the 15px part? Am I overlooking something?

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h2 {
  position: relative; 
  top: 15px
<h1>On Being Well-Positioned</h1>
<h2>Move me!</h2>
<p>I still think the h2 is where it normally sits.</p>

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Challenge: Change an Element’s Relative Position

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I did include the ; after the 15px but for some reason that is not showing up in the forum post?

I would double check the ; is there. Your code with the ; on safari on my iPad passes the test. If the ; is there it may be a browser issue. Try a different browser or maybe clear history/cookies?

Hi @emlystengr, are you still seeing this problem?