Changing Browser Size


I am currently working on a project where I am implementing 4 HTML pages into one, so I have split my main html page into 4 sections and put each other page HTML into each respective part. My problem is that unless my browser is set to 50%, the contents of each respective page is jumbled up (i tried using bootstrap to make it fully responsive but used padding to make things look prettier). Can someone please assist me on how to force a browser to load up to 50% when someone runs my HTML page?

Not sure I’m imagining the problem… if you can share your codepen that may help…

it sounds like you’re saying that you use the browser zoom feature to zoom out to 50%

zoom is a user-dependent setting, you can’t force the browser to zoom just for your site.

please share your code and we will try to help you resolve the issue.

(50 % browser size)

(100 % browser size)

I do not have a code pen for this, just working on it for my internship

Please put it into a Codepen or JSFiddle so we can see the code and assist you better.

If you are working on this for an internship, you should be working with a company employee who can help guide you. That is the whole point of an internship. You are not supposed to be doing work that replaces an actual employee. You are supposed to be learning something from the company.

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I also understand that colleagues in my internship can help, I am simply just using my resources as I am trying to get ahead on this project.

OK, so I get using all your resources but we don’t know the parameters/requirements of your project. I see a whole bunch of things that need work, and if you were my intern we would sit together and fix one section so you could learn how to fix the rest on your own. I recommend that you reach out to your colleagues and get their perspectives first, hopefully someone will sit down with you and walk you through what’s happening and why and how you can fix it.

On the other hand I know not all companies are great at that kind of thing, so here’s where I would start:
go back to each of the 4 sub-pages and work on making them responsive, as if you were going to view them on a phone. That should improve the index page view tremendously.

Good luck!