Changing Button text color

Hello There Campers!

Im building my portfolio page and trying to change the text color of the buttons.
I cant figure out how to. Please Help.

Heres the link to my pen

@jdc101214, there’s really not a reason to put an anchor tag around the text of the button.
You could change it to a span and put a class (such as “red-text”) and style the .red-text class with a color: red; (with whatever color you want)

like 8-up said, but also
a { text-decoration: none; color: white !important; }
if you really want to keep <a>

I tried that but codepen uses CSS lint and lint doesn’t allow !important.

Thanks 8-up! It seems like the anchor tags were somehow effecting the text-color, because after I erased it, the blue text turned white. Thanks again!

try something like this: