Changing CSS in Mails?

Hi folks,

I am an aspiring newbie in HTML and CSS. When writing Emails, lately I found myself thinking: “Well, this CSS sucks!” Therefore my wish to improve the design of my Emails, but I haven’t figured out how to edit the source code in Mail (iOs). Is there even a way to do it?

Have a great week! Marcella

There isn’t an easy way to do this, but it’s possible!

You’ll have to write the HTML and CSS in a separate text editor. Could be local files, or in something like codepen. (Also, not sure if you’re familiar with HTML emails, but they don’t play nicely with <style> tags, so your CSS probably needs to be inline).

Once you’re viewing your rendered HTML (not the code), you can copy the rendered content directly, and paste it into a new message on iOS or Mac Mail.

Another option is if you have the rendered HTML in Safari, there’s a File > Share > Email this page option.

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