Help! How To Code an Email Newsletter for a Front End Job Interview

Hello fellow campers!
Soon I´will have a job interview in which I´ll have to code in HTML/CSS for a newsletter email. I was checking some resources.

Yes I´d Google it, I´d Youtube it, …

And now I´m Utterly confused. There are some tutorials to code the email in normal HTML an CSS, and then use a tool called in-liner - from mailchimp - however, as far as I know, you can´t / shouldn´t use div> tags on your email. Only table> allowed ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the 90’s.

To make things worse, if cross-browser compatibility sounds hard in web development, mail-client compatibility is like the living hell. I already did couple of tutorials that I found in Youtube and Linkedin ( but I’m still not sure HOW TO CODE FROM SCRATCH A Responsive EMAIL.
So, I would appreciate very much if someone can point me in the right direction or show me good resources or tell me how is the coding process, or tell me anything you consider opportune…

Thanks in advance and keep coding!

Out of curiosity, does the actual job involve creating newsletter emails?

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Ideally you use plaintext. But as that isn’t an option…most clients do support okayish HTML now, but tables are guaranteed to work, use them. Images are often blocked, so need alt text, which can be styled. All CSS needs to be inlined.

Write it as an HTML page, using tables with CSS in the head, then use to inline the CSS and add appropriate !important declarations. Keep it as a single column.


Hello! The Newsletter is a job Interview test. The job title is Front End Developer,
The requisites are:
HTML, CSS, Javascript
Web and Mail Design
Some Knowledge of Backend Technologies (Nodejs, .NET, Golang…)
English fluent
Functional Web Design

On the first job interview, they said they want to improve their site, including newsletters and the website. So I guess that a small part of the job should be design and code some emails and newsletters…

Thank you very much @DanCouper !

These links are awesome! I will code 2 o 3 different newsletters to get used to it and also to have some boilerplate code for the future.