How do we code Html Email Newsletters?

Hi, I’ve attended a HTML and CSS Short Intensive Practical in-Class Course, then I attended an Introduction to Javascript. I now feel confident to practise my HTML, CSS and Javascript by following tutorials, I know I must do small projects to demonstrate my ability before I apply for entry level jobs. At the end of the Javascript Intro course the Instructor advised me to get into HTML Email Newsletters and then apply for jobs to get my foot into the Web Development Industry. I gained a lot more confidence from the Javascript Intro Course and feel I can learn a lot more on my own through tutorials and online but I don’t know where to start on Html Email Newsletters. I’d appreciate some step by step instructions or be directed to simple step by step tutorials, so that I can get comfortable and then go for jobs with some companies.
Thank you.

This should be what you are looking for.


Thx for that so much, I will be working through that then get back to you.

Step 1: Use HTML Tables for Layout
Step 2: Add CSS Styles
Step 3: Adopt Best Practices
Step 4: Code for Google Mail, Lotus Notes, and Outlook 2007
Step 5: Coding for Phones and Tablets

For more detail you can refer following link