Chat vs forum for help?

Which method do you prefer for assistance? I’ve browsed the forums when I need help with a challenge, but I hear so much about how helpful people are on chat. However, from my experience of using the chat I haven’t received any help. Could it be my approach? Is there a certain etiquette I should follow? When I typically ask for help its along the lines of “Hi everyone, can someone assist me/explain to me, etc.” Its a bit discouraging when I see other’s questions getting answered and mine just get passed.


Things may work differently in FCC, but for what it’s worth, my experience is the following :

If you have a relationship with people in the chat, and you have an issue which you want quick turnaround on and don’t mind forgetting the solution to, then use the chat. It can be very satisfying to quickly get over a niggling technical hurdle, and you can often get a lot of great momentum out of back-and-forth in a chat.

However, if you have an issue which you want to remember the solution to, or if it requires some actual discussion rather than just chat, then the forum is best. The forum has many ways to help your topic reach the right eyes and remain visible.

Bear in mind that I am new here too, and you’d best get an answer from one of the moderators or people who have been around longer.


I have yet to post for help on the forums, but I guess a concern of mine would be is there “asking/posting too much for help” on these forums?

Look at it this way - if there were too much asking for help, the following things could happen :

  1. There are a lot of people posting for help (ie, you search for questions similar to yours and get lots of hits), but there are no follow-ups --> This community implicitly suggests (or explicitly, check the community guidelines) that you ask for help on gitter or elsewhere.
  2. There are several questions like the one you ask, and they already have answers or at least responses. In this case, you know that you are at least in the right place (albeit later than others 🤷)
  3. if the responses are the ones you want :tada: problem solved.
  4. If they do not satisfy your needs, at least if you carry on the discussion there, the others involved will have some context on your request or needs.

It’s possible and has happened with one or two users in the last year. I wouldn’t stress too much about it, though. Just remember the FreeCodeCamp procedure: Read -> Search -> Ask. Make sure you read the instructions and any provided documentation first. If you’re still confused, search around, including the forums (I see the forum pop up in Google’s top 10 results from time to time, but use the search here, too). Once you’ve exhausted those resources, you should turn to the forum for help. It’s what we’re here for!


And here I thought I liked you…

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I usually prefer the chat, but rather than posting “Can someone help me with…”, just ask the question. In the smaller rooms people are not there 24/7 so you can waste half a day waiting for someone to reply before you post your question.

Do you provide help for others in the chat room with things you can answer? That helps ppl get to know you as well so when you post it catches someone’s eye.

If you like the way someone explains things, try tagging them in the chat room as wel. Sometimes you just need to get traction.

Usually when I post in the forum by the time I get back to it I’ve come up with a solution, so I use he forum when I want something more enduring like best practice type of answers.

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I might add that to my scripted responses…

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