"Check answer" button will not work

I’m having issues with the “check answer” button when i click it, it doesnt work at all. This started on step 55 of making dragon repell game.

This usually means you have serious syntax problems on the step. Please post your code

The other possibility is that you need to clear your entire browser cache and cookies

Here’s my code

let xp = 0;
let health = 100;
let gold = 50;
let currentWeapon = 0;
let fighting;
let monsterHealth;
let inventory = ["stick"];

const button1 = document.querySelector('#button1');
const button2 = document.querySelector("#button2");
const button3 = document.querySelector("#button3");
const text = document.querySelector("#text");
const xpText = document.querySelector("#xpText");
const healthText = document.querySelector("#healthText");
const goldText = document.querySelector("#goldText");
const monsterStats = document.querySelector("#monsterStats");
const monsterName = document.querySelector("#monsterName");
const monsterHealthText = document.querySelector("#monsterHealth");
const locations = [
        name: "town square",
        "button text": ["Go to store", "Go to cave", "Fight dragon"]
        "button functions": [goStore, goCave, fightDragon]

// initialize buttons
button1.onclick = goStore;
button2.onclick = goCave;
button3.onclick = fightDragon;

function update(location) {


function goTown() {
  button1.innerText = "Go to store";
  button2.innerText = "Go to cave";
  button3.innerText = "Fight dragon";
  button1.onclick = goStore;
  button2.onclick = goCave;
  button3.onclick = fightDragon;
  text.innerText = "You are in the town square. You see a sign that says \"Store\".";

function goStore() {
  button1.innerText = "Buy 10 health (10 gold)";
  button2.innerText = "Buy weapon (30 gold)";
  button3.innerText = "Go to town square";
  button1.onclick = buyHealth;
  button2.onclick = buyWeapon;
  button3.onclick = goTown;
  text.innerText = "You enter the store.";

function goCave() {
  console.log("Going to cave.");

function fightDragon() {
  console.log("Fighting dragon.");

function buyHealth() {


function buyWeapon() {


Yox have a syntax error here

so I went to go fix the syntax error and now the entire section that gives instruction is gone.

Fully clear your browser cache and cookies

i fully cleared my web browser cache and the instructions came back but the check answer button still doesnt work when i put the new solution in.

Did you clear both your cache and cookies? It won’t work if you only clear half.

You need to fix the syntax error I pointed out.

I cleared both caches and changed my code and its not even telling me that its wrong or right. Nothing happens when i click check answer.

You need to fix your syntax error.

Check the ending of each line

I’m so sorry for the hassle thank you so much. I figured out what you meant

No worries