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Hi guys, can anybody help me? This code pass all the point except one “1 eye for of 1 eye.” Why this should return false?

Thanks for your help!

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function reverseString(str){
    var strArray = str.split("");
    strArray = strArray.reverse();
    return strArray;


var n1 = -1;
function palindrome(str) {
    // Good luck!
    str = str.toLowerCase();
    str = str.replace(/[0-9]|[^a-z]|-|_|" "|","|"."/g, '');
    str= str.replace(/\s/g,'');
    var strReverse = reverseString(str);
    strReverse = strReverse.join("");
    return strReverse==str;

palindrome("race car123");

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Because “1eyeforof1eye” backwards is “eye1forofeye1”. Not a palindrome.