Check my JavaScript Calculator, please

JavaScript Calulator
Feedback appreciated.

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hey lulko, you need to add functionality to chain operations like so 7+8/23-42+6 etc.
Other than that it seems like operations work ok.

thanks for your time, but the calculator can do that operation, the only thing is not showing the operators. I made it work always you add an operator return the result of the last operation like the old calculators.
Thank you again.

I just broke your calculator by running 1.3 - 1.1 your calculator says it is 0.19999999999 :smile:
I also noticed I have to keep pressing ā€˜Cā€™ for a fresh calculation. You can make it user friendly by ensuring a new calculation is performed if I enter a number after pressing the equal sign. For example if I calculate 10+10 then I press 2+2 afterwards the result is 22 instead of 4

Great work.