Javascript Calculator - Critique It!

Please have a look at my JS Calc and tell me about it. There may be some loopholes. Do tell me about any abrupt functioning.

You can give me a constructive feedback regarding the design and logic of this calculator. Happy Day!

The font is kinda hard to read for me. For example, I can only guess where is - and where is =, they look almost the same.

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Hi, good job! It looks nice. Three things I noticed:

  • No decimal point
  • Disabling operators makes sense, but you can’t switch if you clicked the wrong one
  • Nice that it actually says what you are doing: minus, times

@AbhayKV04 it looks really nice one thing I would change is I would put in a back space button so that if you mess up what your typing you don’t have to erase it all. High five :raised_hand:

Done with the font. Have a look. And thanks!

Now it’s easy to read and, in my opinion, looks better :slight_smile:

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