Build a JavaScript Calculator, feedback


In the link is the calculator that I did!

Can I improve anything?

It has a bad designer, I intend to focus more in back-end in the future.

Looks like a calculator :slight_smile:

Overall it seems to work expect:

  1. The calculator will allow numbers to run outside of the screen. Also, it seems to keep the numbers in the middle of the screen .

  2. The calculator will let me perform a function with out first entering an number. For instance I can press ‘/’ before entering a number. This returns as NaN (not a number)

Hope this helps!

Hi, I corrected the bugs that you said, can you check again and see if it’s right.

It looks like it is coming along.

I only have a few notes:

  1. There is still something odd happening with decimals (e.g. 1.1+1.1+1.1 = 3.3000000000000003)

  1. When entering calculations, only one item is present on the screen. For instance, if I enter 789, I don’t see 789 on the larger display, I see 7 when I press 7,

  1. The buttons are a little out on alignment. It look like the maincontainer class needs to be made a little wiser. You may consider making all of the widths and heights % instead of px – this will allow it to better scale to different screen sizes.

Hi, I made some changes, but I can’t fix the problem with alignment I think that is lacking HTML/CSS skills