Build a JavaScript Calculator Feedback

Hey guys, I just finished the JS Calculator. Any feedback? Things to fix or add?

Version 2 Wish List is:

  1. Make the calculator look nicer.
  2. Display button values on the calculator screen as buttons are pushed.
  3. Add keyboard presses to push the buttons.
  4. Add more operators.

The display looks good, but the button clicks don’t seem to be working for me…

I still want to add functionality to change the display on button clicks, right now it just stores the clicks in a variable until you press the equals button to display the final result.

Ah I see. Good luck then.

On the main thread for the JavaScript calculator, I made a comment on another person’s project regarding pressing + twice and yet still getting a sensible result. For your calculator, 9 + 2 = does give 11, but 9 + + 2 = doesn’t result in anything. Just something to think about.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to fix it today. I added the numbers to the display when pushing buttons but I noticed my calculator also breaks when dividing something like 1/3.