I've made it! Please check out my JS calculator :)

After working on building my JS calculator, I must say that I’m feeling great! It’s wonderful to see the struggle slowly becoming new knowledge and, although I’m too early in my programmer career, I now envision that that career is totally doable :slight_smile:
Anyway, would LOVE any feedback on my calc app:
Please, click here to view it on CodePen.

Thank you!!!


Work correctly for me.
Great design!

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The decimal button seems to not work correctly. For example: entering 9 and then a decimal changes the input to 0.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Already fixed it :slight_smile:

it has problems.after calculation when pressing a new number button , the new number is cancatinated.

Well I can’t understand why almost in all calc projects there is no restriction in input?
there is an area (input field), but when i input something as long as 9999999999999999999999999999999 it goes out of the screen.
I think it needs to be fixed

Fixed. Just added a var equal = false; when pressing equal button it changes it to true.

Then, when pressing a number, if equal == true, it clears everything. pressing an operator button changes equal to false again.

Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

I like your design, my was awful. Also great job but only one little bug I found and wanted to share it:
If you press a number and + or / or * signs then pressing equal gives a result. EX: 9+=9, however using - sign does not give a result and it is possible to press = button more then once. EX: 9-==========.

I hope it can be helpful for you. Looking next project of you.


This looks great! Only thing I can think of to add is keyboard support. Would be cool to be able to type out numbers instead of click on them.

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