Javascripts Calculator Feedback

Hey everyone. Any feed back on this project would be appreciated. you can also try to break it and let me know if you find any errors. Thanks.

Looks and functions great!

The only thing that seems to ‘break’ it is if I press enter when an operator is the last button. … i.e. 2,+,= results in NaN and then all keys are locked until cleared.

Also running up the screen display to 50 numbers :slight_smile:

Great job!

I like breaking calculators, you can tell this is my hobby here on fcc :slight_smile:
This one so far was hardest to break, good job!
Try following combinations:

// operators out of order check
2 + =
// least significant bit check
.2 * .1 =
// this number is too long check

Great work.
I don’t have much to say about the code because I haven’t learned react yet.
Maybe what you need to work on is how it is rendered on mobile. When I try to type a large number such as 11111111111111111111111111111, while on mobile device, the display width increases leaving the background as it’s.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I fixed all three bugs mentioned above, you can give it a try now.

Thanks a lot for the compliment and the feedback. I fixed all three bugs. wanna have some fun trying to break it now :grin:?

Thanks, I just fixed it.

I appreciate the feedback. those bugs are fixed, you can give it a try now.